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Vibrant Screen Printing Solutions for Eye-Catching Designs

Formerly known as “silk screening,” the screen printing process involves the meticulous application of ink through a screen onto an array of materials, including textiles, ceramics, paper, glass, metal, and plastics.

Whether you desire a single-color design or the complexity of multi-colored or half-tone prints (achieved by layering colors one at a time), we offer additional techniques such as flocking, foiling, and the application of the four-color process, ensuring a comprehensive spectrum of colors to bring your designs to life. At Loremans’, we provide a diverse range of ink options, including regular, puff inks, glitter, gloss, metallic, mirrored, plastisol, suede, and water-based inks.

Screen printing’s versatility shines through, offering exceptional durability suitable for long-term business applications, fundraisers, brand building, signage, and athletic sportswear. We’re adept at printing player numbers and names on sleeves and legs, adding that personalized touch.

Whether your needs are modest or extensive, single or multiple prints, we cater to both small and large quantities, welcoming high-volume and team orders with open arms.

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